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Our Mission

Unionville United works within and from our community (Kennett Square and Unionville, PA) to forward a progressive agenda and support the tenets of democracy by building alliances, educating citizens and taking purposeful actions to effect change.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Kennett Borough Passes Nondiscrimination Ordinance Nancy Harris Mar 07 2017

    Kennett Square becomes the 39th PA Municipality to pass Anti-Discrimination Ordinance.

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  • In the Box Kristin Ramsdell Mar 05 2017

    In the early 1990s, a film entitled Boxing Helena details the obsession one man has with a beautiful, sexually self-possessed woman. The man, a mad doctor, kidnaps Helena and amputates her legs and arms, thereby creating the ideal, lover-in-a-box: a woman who cannot leave. More importantly, the woman’s sexuality has been defined, controlled, and she remains chaste only for him. With its release, the film was categorized as an artistic piece depicting the perils of obsession. Perhaps the project’s unintended value is the commentary on the literal and symbolic subjugation of female sexuality.

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  • Immigration Troubles Affect More of Us Than We Think Gretchen Parisi Mar 04 2017

    Today I attended a meeting of concerned community members who had formed a group to take action against two political hot potatoes: immigration and gerrymandering. Although Pennsylvania is one of the worst states in the world of gerrymandering, the issue that consumed most of the meeting time was immigration, and how we, as mostly white citizens, can help support our fellow community members, many of whom are undocumented Hispanic immigrants.

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